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Agromech Panchapatra and Udharni Spoon Small/Vedic Traditional Purification Pot and Spoon

Price: £3.99 £5.99

Product Description : Pancha Patra consists of a small vessel to hold a glass of water. The Spoon-like instrument accompanying it is called Achmani Or Pali. This flat Bottomed Vessel is used at Homes and Temples during Pujas, Yagnas, and Religious Rituals. It is a common sight in all temples and pooja rooms.It is kept before deities to hold water mixed with Sacred Basil or Tulsi. After the Puja, this is offered to worshippers as 'prasad' or divine offering. The Pancha Patra is used to perform Nitya Sandhya Vandanam by Hindus to pray to Gayatri Devi, who is mother of all the Vedas. The Spoon Length is 140 mm.
Gross Weight : 0.090 Kg(s)
Dimensions : 60 mm x 45 mm (Diameter X Ht)
Product Code : PJA-100-PA04-PUS001